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Here you can find some of my favourite graphics done bij Emiel van Heuvelen. (Slide of Trinomic)

Screenshot Description
' This logo is not ugly, but even this one I can’t remember I made it.
' This Ranks logo was made for a ranking programme. Magic and I did a ranking programme for all our swapping mates. The way this logo was made was very easy, and I used it several times.
' Darkman of Extacy asked me to make the logo’s for their diskmagazine called ‘Extacy Land’.
' This Extacy logo looks like an FLI based logo. As a matter of fact it’s just a normal painting (done in Deluxe Paint II)
' Magness is the diskmagazine of Groove D-signs (where I was a member of). Underneath the logo you can see a part of a television, with a barbarian (incl. Sword) on it (channel RTL4).
' Again a picture for Magness. The logo became very fine to my opinion. Underneath each side of the logo you can see a rose (hanging upside down). At the bottom there’s a girl lying on her towel. I did this painting under my real name as well.
' The TNC logo for Trinomic (together with the picture) was never used. That’s why I used the roses and the lady in another picture for Groove D-signs.
' Simple Groove D-signs logo. Made for a simple but cool demo for the Groningen-Meeting.
' Dynamic was a mixture of my handle (Dynamite at that time) and Magic his handle. Thanks to this picture I could join the Trinomic forces. Magic was already a member of Trinomic and with this picture I could join as well.
' My first logo for Groove D-signs. At that time it was unclear if we would write Groove of Groofe. It became Groove so I changed it later. These logos were also used for the Groningen-Meeting demo.
' This logo was often used for Groove D-signs productions. I think this was also one of the last logo’s I did on the C64. And maybe I even think it’s my best logo ever (but that’s just my opinion).
' Nantco of W.O.W. asked me to make a very simple logo for his own Mega Music Compilation. The rule was that the logo only could handle 3 colours. It was easy to do though. Magic did the fine piece of code work.
' A rather ugly logo for Magness. Can’t even remember I made it.
' This picture shows a sunset with mountains and water. In the water you can see the reflection of the sunset and the shadow of the mountains. I think I made this picture for an intro of Trinomic.
' Just some mountains.
' This logo was a little experiment. I wanted to make a shiny metal plate, with a black logo in it. I think the effect is quite nice.
' This little logo with the two lady-heads was never used. I had a lot of troubles with the yellow hair, because the machine couldn’t handle the colours I had chosen.
' This vertical TNC logo was used in a demo from Trinomic. In this demo the plate with the, this time coloured, logo moved horizontally through the screen and there was a scroll text bouncing behind it.
' This logo was made together with a picture for the Beer Factory demo of Trinomic. You can see the total view more down from here. I cut the logo out so Magic could use it in a intro.
' This Trinomic logo was used in a realy cool Trinomic intro. The intro was, according to Magic, not hard to code, but the idea was fabulous. Each letter of this logo blinked on the music. Check out the Intro’s chapter of Trinomic to see how it looked lik9f5
' This easy logo was also used in a demo of Trinomic.
' Characters in a Japanese looking way.
' This is the picture I mentioned before. It was made for the Beer Factory demo of Trinomic and was used in the first part.
' A real lame logo.
' This is a part of the Groove D-Signs logo. You’ve seen the Groove part before and together with this Groove part, I think this is one of the last logo’s I ever made on the C64. Snif, snif….
' A simple logo made for Holger (Galen) his 22nd birthday.
' I made this logo, on request, for Darkman of Excess and later Extacy.
' This Groove logo (for Groove D-signs) was based on the Ranks logo. Very less time to make it.
' Holger was the real name of one of the founders of Trinomic. His nickname was Galen and I made this logo for a special birthday demo.
' The TNC (stands for TriNomiC) logo was made for the Beer Factory demo.


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