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Click on the picture below to see Doc Snyders version of this famous C64-Trinomic intro


Date: 12-1-2006 User: Rolf

Finally online again after a stupid hack/worm that replaced a serious amount of files on my website.

Date: 28-6-2005 User: Rolf

Finally an update. Check out Doc Snyders Flash version of the famous C64 intro

Date: 10-2-2005 User: Rolf

Check out the C64DTV Hack page for information about my hacked C64DTV. The hacked version is able to use a external power adapter, standard PS/2 keyboard and a diskdrive. Check my "C64DTV hack for dummies" guide on how to do it

Date: 2-1-2005 User: Rolf

Last week my C64DTV arrived. Although they are NTSC machines and I did all my codework on PAL machines it's real fun to play with. I ordered two of them, one to play with and one to hack with, on www.americangoodies.com as QVC does not ship outside the US or Canada.. Check my C64DTV hack page to find a hack your C64DTV for dummies about how to connect an external keyboard, power supply or diskdrive to your C64DTV. (thanks to Six's port guide)

Date: 5-11-2004 User: Rolf

The C64 DTV is coming your way on November 26! Production details - 250,000 C64 DTV's have been produced or are in production at the Mammoth Toys factory, one hour outside of Hong Kong. Presently, only NTSC units are being built. 30,000 units are going to the warehouse of QVC, the television shopping network. Estimated price - $25 US The games are: Championship Wrestling, Cyberdyne Warrior, Cybernoid, Cybernoid II, Eliminator, Excelon, Firelord, Gateway to Apshai, Impossible Mission, Impossible Mission II, Jumpman Jr., Paradroid, Pitstop, Pitstop II, Ranarama, Silicon Warrior, Speedball, Summer Games, Supercycle, Sword of Fargoal, Tower Toppler, Uridium, Winter Games, World Karate Championship A, World Karate Championship B, Zynaps, (games split out from others) bull-riding, flying disc, sumo-wrestling, and surfing. The DTV is hard-coded to run at 1 mhz.. There is 128K RAM and 2 meg of ROM. 256 colors available on-screen. Single SID sound with the 3 voices and "volume" mixed externally. The solder pads are there on the board; in other words, enterprising hackers can solder on a serial port in order to connect a Commodore-compatible drive and can attach a PC keyboard. (source : http://commodore-gg.hobby.nl/)

Date: 27-9-2004 User: Rolf

The domain and website move is ready. Nearly all the functions are online again. At this moment we are moving the D64 file Database to a new server. Stay tuned

Date: 21-9-2004 User: Rolf

The ftp server that hosts the files behind the search database is offline due to network reconfiguration. This problem wil be solved asap

Date: 12-8-2004 User: Rolf

Tomorrow at the Primary Star party in Holland the time is ready!! After 12 years Trinomic will release the intro that was coded to be in front of the last demo by Trinomic called "The Beer Factory" The original code was used and only the scroll-text is updated. So even the bugs are authentic;)

Date: 14-6-2004 User: Rolf

Today we had a major update of the C64 file database that you can access using the search option. More that 2,000 Commodore .D64 images and more than 44,000 Commodore files are ready for you to download. Many thanks to Mr.Legal of ex-Trinomic for supplying his personal collection!

Date: 30-5-2004 User: Rolf

I get some comments about the readability of this site, please use the feedback option on the right side to give your opinion

Date: 30-5-2004 User: Rolf

Changed the Sound of the Week into Piano Fun, Composed by Cobra.

Date: 3-4-2004 User: Rolf

Added this site to the c64 banner exchange

Date: 28-3-2004 User: Rolf

Changed the Sound of the Week to the sound Bonanza used in their last part of the demo Lethal Display IV

Date: 27-3-2004 User: Rolf

Added the section Sound of the Week. Here you can check the previous Sounds of the Week

Date: 13-3-2004 User: Rolf

The database be hind the search engine is working again. Give the search a try again!!

Date: 7-3-2004 User: Rolf

The graphics from the Intro section are working again.

Date: 2-3-2004 User: Rolf

Changed the "Sound of the Week" into "SAM RECITER" the first known voice emulator on the C64. You can let SAM say anything you want. Quite simular to the voice used in "Behind Blue Eyes" from Limb Bizkit

Date: 1-3-2004 User: Rolf

The files behind the search database, and the graphics from the Intro section are not working at this time. It looks like the servers of Deds.nl are not that reliable anymore as they used to be (they host my animated gifs for the intro section). I also found that the files behind the database wich are hosted on the servers of Web1000.com are redirected to http://www.paysforsurveys.com/. I will fix this as soon as possible. If you need a file from the database send me an email and I will mail the file back to you till I fix the problem

Date: 22-2-2004 User: Rolf

Due to personal circumstances I have been unable to work on this site for the last three weeks. Soon I will fix some bugs and update the content.

Date: 19-1-2004 User: Rolf

Changed the musicplayer of the Sound Of The Week into a PopUp Screen, so the sound will continue to play while you are browsing. (sorry for the popup although)

Date: 4-1-2004 User: Rolf

My workstation crashed so I was not able to update the Picture Of The Week and Favourite Sound for some time now. You probably have to wait till next week.

Date: 28-12-2003 User: Rolf

Added more GFX

Date: 3-12-2003 User: Rolf

Added Picture Of The Week. I will put some of my favourite pictures online regularly. This picture is from Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge.

Date: 10-11-2003 User: Rolf

Created this little news section

The C64 Banner Exchange
The C64 Banner Exchange


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