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New Page 1 This site is mainly created to preserve and collect the work that was done by the C64 group Trinomic and is created and maintained by Rolf Colmer (Magic of (ex) Trinomic). Some help and releases were provided by Emiel van Heuvelen (Slide of (ex)Trinomic) As i was only a member of Trinomic for about 3 years there are still much releases to add that i don't have on this moment.

At this time this page is in it's starting phase so please keep that in mind while browsing. If you find errors or have any comments don't hesitate to drop me a message using the Quik Feedback section on the right.

I have no intention to create a huge gamebase or demo collection! I might add some none Trinomic releases because i found them hard to find on the net and in the databases behind this site you can find much of my own C64 collection.

Have fun!


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The C64 Banner Exchange



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