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The C64DTV

Finally my C64DTV have arrived.

As I live in Europe the C64DTV it's hard to get a C64DTV. QVC home-shopping does not ship outside the US or Canada. I was quite lucky to pass the internet site of www.americangoodies.com. I order the package of two C64DTV's and they arrived last week. (one to play with, one to hack)

It's a pity that these are NTSC as my tv and codework used to run on a PAL machine, but hey, it's a gadget or not.


Hack the C64DTV

Thought of playing the games or demo's you want on the C64DTV? Here is an explanation how to hack your C64DTV. After this "Hack your C64DTV for dummies" it's all possible. Check this

The demo "The Beer Factory" from Trinomic, and a small Cracktro i did for Trinomic running on a C64DTV

Here is how to do it in three little steps:

An external power source (for the time being an old computer power supply)

A PS/2 connector to attach a standard PC keyboard

A DIN connector to attach a disk drive

Connecting an external power source

Un-Solder the red and black wires from the points below
I had the connector below lying around. Ideal for connecting the C64DTV to a standard computer power supply. (yellow line is +5V, black line is GROUND)
I connected the yellow line to the red line from the C64DTV and the black one to the black one
Connect it to a PC PSU, turn the PSU on and turn the C64DTV on. The red led should light up and the C64DTV should function as normal.  

Connecting a PS/2 keyboard

From our local dump-store I bought the PCI bracket below. I want to use the PS/2 connector.
Disassembled it looks like this


Let's see witch wires we have to use.

We only have to use four of them:

PIN1            DATA
PIN3            GROUND
PIN4            +5V
PIN5            CLOCK

Check the colors of the wires yourself. Could change per connector you use.

Solder DATA en CLOCK on the following places. (These points are near the "Right" of the joystick)
Now solder the GROUND and +5V on the following places
Give the PS/2 connector a nice place in the joystick
Then plug in a standard PS/2 keyboard. Fire up your C64DTV holding the "K" (shift+k) and you should enter the C64 Basic screen.

If this does not happen, hold the keys down and press the reset button of your C64DTV.

If it still doesn't work check your wires.


Connecting a disk drive

I use a DIN connector for this. You need four wires

PIN2            GROUND
PIN3            IECTAN
PIN4            IECCLK
PIN5            IECDATA


At this point i use the DIN connector of a very old C64 mainboard.

When i got a better solution and a way to get the connector into the C64DTV then i will post better pictures.

Solder the cables at the following points. For GROUND, I used the same point as connecting the keyboard


After soldering it will look like this. I use black for GROUND, but I use the same GROUND as for the PS/2 connector


After fiddling around with the wires and the connector it looks like this (just have to find some glue to keep the connectors on the C64DTV








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